Poolstead Picture Book

NZ, INT'L CH Croftsway Komic Book

NZ CH Croftsway Oprah The Star

Beulahlands DoveHill Mud River, CGC

NZ, INT'L CH Croftsway Old Man River

NAT'L CH Ducktales Just In Case

Beulahlands Arncha Special

Crystals Chocolate Factory

ENG CH Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway

NZ, INT'L CH Croftsway Old Man River

Croftsway Xpress Bug

Crystals Cadbury Rose, WC, CGC

Ledgecroft's Somethin's Bruin

Crystals Queen Anne's Lace, WC, CGC


Dove Hills Crystal Rose, CGC, TDI

CH Venetian Jondre Rajah

AM/ CAN/ UKC CH SHR Mousse’s

Mississippi Mud,CD, WC, CGC

Kadbree’s Constant Quest

WHF There Can Only Be One

SR Hawk-n’s Chance if a Masterpiece,

PantherCreeks Mason


Dixon Vixen, CGC

SR PantherCreeks Miss O’Hara, JH, WC, CGC

Crystal Reese Piece

Of My Heart

CH Tabatha’s Hollybrooke Belmont, JC, WC

Crickets Bruin up Some Trouble

SR Crystals Cricket Song, JC, WC

Crystals Chunkamonh, CGC

CH Allegheny’s Strolling Minstrel

Crystals Mystical Rose, WC, CGC


Dove Hills Crystal Rose, CGC, TDI

           Crystals Chocolate Allspice    Labrador Retriever    Chocolate    Date of Birth: March 19, 2017